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Perfume Bottle

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Perfume bottle with anodized cap
Has wear resistance and chemical resistance
The appearance is square and overall black, simple and elegant, with a sense of mystery, which is more eye-catching.

Name Material Specifications
Outer cover AL /
Inner cover PP /
Spray pump AL+PP ∅16.3mm
Bottle body glass 30ml/50ml
HZ-0004 black square perfume bottle with anodized aluminum cap. The bottle uses black as the main color, making the perfume bottle look mysterious and noble. The lines of the bottle are simple and smooth, and the square design is simple and elegant; the cap is made of anodized aluminum. The surface of the perfume cap is specially treated to form a hard and dense oxide film, which makes the bottle cap not only smooth and bright, but also difficult to be scratched or worn, and can maintain a new appearance for a long time.

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