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High permeability gradient spray perfume bottle with anodized cap
Has wear resistance and chemical resistance
The appearance is transparent and gradual, which can better display the perfume liquid in the perfume bottle. At the same time, it can effectively make the color of the perfume liquid from deep to light, which is more eye-catching. This design is often used to make high-end perfume bottles.

Name Material Specifications
Outer cover AL /
Inner cover PP /
Spray pump AL+PP ∅16.3mm
Bottle body glass 30ml/50ml
HZ-0005 high-penetration gradient spray perfume glass bottle adopts the design concept of gradient color. From the bottom of the bottle to the bottle mouth, the color goes from dark to light, making the perfume bottle look noble and elegant; the pump head of the perfume glass bottle adopts high-penetration spray technology. It allows the perfume to adhere to the skin surface more evenly and meticulously, which can improve the persistence of the fragrance; the high-quality glass material makes the bottle feel smooth and delicate, improving the comfort of use. The excellent sealing performance ensures that the perfume will not evaporate during storage, keeping the fragrance pure and lasting.

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