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Gradually spray high permeability sand-covered fragrant water bottle
Has wear resistance and chemical resistance
The appearance is transparent and gradual, which can better display the perfume liquid in the perfume bottle. At the same time, it can effectively make the color of the perfume liquid from deep to light, which is more eye-catching. This design is often used to make high-end perfume bottles.

Name Material Specifications
Outer cover sarin /
Inner cover / /
Spray pump AL+PP ∅16.3mm
Bottle body glass 30ml/50ml
The body of the HZ-0003 ∅16.3mm spray pump gradually spraying high-transparency perfume bottle is made of high-quality glass material. It has been finely ground and polished. The surface is as smooth as a mirror and feels comfortable to the touch. The gradual spray design allows users to accurately control the amount of perfume sprayed according to needs; the high-transparency design makes the perfume bottle more transparent, and the color and texture of the perfume can be clearly displayed, increasing the overall beauty of the product and improving the product grade; spray pump The design can effectively prevent the perfume from being contaminated by dust, bacteria and other impurities. The use of the spray pump also reduces the direct contact between the hand and the bottle mouth, further reducing the risk of contamination.

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