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High permeability card point sarin gas perfume bottle
High transparency and brightness
Has wear resistance and chemical resistance
The appearance is clear and transparent, which can better display the perfume liquid in the perfume bottle, and can also effectively protect the perfume liquid from external pollution.

Name Material Specifications
Outer cover sarin /
Inner cover / /
Spray pump AL+PP ∅16.3mm
Bottle body glass 30ml/50ml
The design of HZ-0008 perfume spray pump bottle with sarin cap is simple and elegant, with smooth lines and unique shape. The bottle body is made of high-quality materials, which feels comfortable and has excellent durability. The perfume bottle adopts a spray pump design. With a single press, a fine mist of perfume can be sprayed out, allowing the perfume to be better and evenly distributed on the skin, bringing a more lasting fragrance. At the same time, the design of the spray pump also avoids the dripping phenomenon that may occur when using traditional cap-type perfume bottles, making it more environmentally friendly and economical. The capacity of the HZ-0008 perfume spray pump bottle is moderate. It will not be too bulky because it is too large, nor will it need to be replaced frequently because it is too small.

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