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High permeability card point saringai perfume bottle
High transparency and brightness
Has wear resistance and chemical resistance
The appearance is clear and transparent, which can better display the perfume liquid in the perfume bottle, and can also effectively protect the perfume liquid from external pollution.

Name Material Specifications
Outer cover sarin /
Inner cover / /
Spray pump AL+PP ∅16.3mm
Bottle body glass 30ml/50ml
The body of the HZ-0007 30ml/50ml Sarin cap perfume glass bottle is made of high-quality glass, making the perfume bottle shine in the sun and exude a charming brilliance. This glass material not only ensures the durability of the perfume bottle, but also allows the color and texture of the perfume to be perfectly presented. Sarin material has excellent corrosion resistance. The chemical components in perfume can cause corrosion to metals or other materials, and Sarin resists this corrosion, ensuring that the cap always maintains its original appearance and functionality. Sarin material has good sealing properties, which can effectively prevent the volatilization of perfume and the entry of outside air into the bottle, thereby maintaining the original quality of the perfume.

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